We are all going to the mall to do some shopping on the weekend or wandering through street markets in the summer and every time that we look for an accessory as a pair of earrings or a necklace for us or to gift, we are directly buying something already done.

But… wait a minute!

What about designing something by yourselves? Have you ever thought to use your creativity to create such items?

You don’t need to be the most creative talented mind on earth but just try to use a chain in different ways. Here in the pictures we are showing you some examples from which you can get some inspiration. You can design a bracelet, a ring or even a ring bracelet. Otherwise you can surround your neck one, two or even three times and end it up in a beautiful and colourful necklace. Maybe closing it with a lock. You can reinvent these chain cords as you prefer! We were applying it to a braid hairstyle, too. So, as you see, it is pretty easy to design something unique that could distinguish your jewels to everyone’s else accessories. Nowadays what counts the more is not only being updated in terms of fashion, but have a special style that can stand up from the rest. Then, you also have the possibility to publish and sharing your projects with your friends and on social medias as Facebook or Instagram. 

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