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Sun Enterprises is based in Europe and we are selling worldwide in over 55 countries each day. Our extensive collection of leather cords - round leather cords, braided leather cords, soft Nappa leather cords and Italian leather cords amongst others are highly popular with our clients. We also help our clients engrave their logos on magnetic clasps and help them create their brand positionnig. You can be assured that you will get the finest quality of leather cords, clasps and jewelry findings. Check our extensive blogs to get an impressions of our creations or even better visit us in Almere (Netherlands) to see our wide collection of items!

  1. Secrets Revealed on Man Leather cord Bracelets

    Posted On August 29 , 2019
    With our 30 years experience as leather cord wholesaler, we can unveil some secrets about leather cord bracelet in men fashion
  2. Give your best friend the best

    Posted On August 29 , 2019
    As a leather cord wholesaler for many years, we can ensure you dog collars made from leather cords have many good benefits, since it’s an ideal combination of function and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Leather cords for jewelry making

    Posted On August 21 , 2019
    Bulk Leather Cord Wholesale
  4. Men's jewelry trends

    Posted On January 29 , 2019
    Do you know what the latest trends in men leather jewellery designs are? Read the blog and get excellent ideas of leather jewellery designs for men.
  5. 5 Reasons why jewellery makers should go for DIY leather projects!

    Posted On January 21 , 2019
    Perhaps it is high time to expand your jewellery making business and to explore creative uses of leather articles to provide the market the whole exciting leather experience in the sector. The new range of accessories for men brings numerous benefits to jewelry designers to gain positive responses from the market. Here are 5 reasons why you should focus on leather jewellery this season!
  6. DIY Leather Project: How to personalize your jewelry & accessories? - Part II

    Posted On January 17 , 2019
    How to personalize your well - done leather bracelets, necklaces, leather bags, belts, straps and other accessories? This has been questioned and discussed among the jewelry makers and jewellery lovers lately so some suggestions have been made to support the idea.
  7. DIY leather bracelet

    Posted On December 17 , 2018
    Brain- storming stage for a DIY leather bracelet – Tips and Tricks
  8. [Leather Project] – Leather up your ideas!

    Posted On November 30 , 2018
    The uses of leather is not limited in fashion, perhaps its use is in way much larger scope of luxury sector. Leather jewelry making process is full of joy and excitement, it is easy to make and see the outcomes!
  9. Bolo leather cord for bolo tie and bolo leather jewelry

    Posted On November 27 , 2018
    What is bolo leather? And how bolo leather cords are used in leather jewelry making project?
  10. Clasps to up the look of your leather cord jewelry

    Posted On November 26 , 2018
    Variety of clasps to use