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Sun Enterprises is based in Europe and we are selling worldwide in over 55 countries each day, primarily within USA and Europe highest quality of  cords .

Our extensive collection of leather - round cords, braided cords, round stitched Nappa leathers and flat cords amongst others are highly popular with our clients. You can be assured that you will get the finest quality of cords, clasps and jewelry findings. Check our extensive blogs to get an impressions of our creations or even better visit us in Almere (Netherlands) to see our wide collection of items!

  1. Mens leather bracelets ideas | Leather Cords

    Posted On January 26 , 2021
    Buy trendy Men's leather bracelets at Sun Enterprises & Choose awesome jewelry gifts for men & women at wholesale prices
  2. 500+ Stainless steel chains ideas | Accessories

    Posted On January 21 , 2021
    Different designs for make with stainless chains that you cannot miss this season.
  3. Waxed Cotton Cords

    Posted On December 13 , 2020
    Sun Enterprises offers excellent choices of waxed cotton cords in all sizes both in round and flat. Waxed cotton cords find high usage not only in jewelry but also many fashion products right from making bags, shoe lacing, furniture's, home decorations amongst others
  4. Leather embossing or putting text on leather

    Posted On November 17 , 2020
    In Sun Enterprises we are specialize in creating embossing text on leathers and all other kinds of embossing. Doesn´t matter which text you want, we don't have limits. We can put any kind of text on it with a lot of fonts, designs, patterns in various widths each done to serve your artistic needs.
  5. Fringes - The popular Article for Fashion

    Posted On November 11 , 2020
    As manufacturer of leather articles we are proud of our capability to create leather fringes in all sizes lengths in immense range of fibrant colors and styles. We are excited with the widths and possible colors and types of leather available to make fashion accessories like tassels, shawls or use these fringes in bags , shoes or furniture.
  6. Washable Cotton Mask and Surgical Face Masks N95

    Posted On August 02 , 2020
    Facemasks are exteremely important to slowdown Covid-19 impact. We at Sun Enterprises are creating several kinds of cotton masks with various options both for children as well as adults and the same is being done as part of community services at extremely interesting price points.
  7. Cork leather – Sustainable material for Fashion Industry

    Posted On December 14 , 2019
    With the recent movements of environmental activists, artisan jewelry makers might feel unease to combine leather in their designs. In all of plant leather, cork leather is considered to be the best alternative to animal leather. This article will explain how cork leather gets its crown.
  8. Unique pieces of braided leather

    Posted On December 09 , 2019
    Not limited to bracelets, braided leather can be an elegant material to many accessories: necklaces, earrings, belts, keychain and bag handles. This article delivers some initiate ideas for crafting artists to utilize more braided leather in their masterpieces.
  9. Magnetic clasps – easy-going and helpful buddy

    Posted On November 13 , 2019
    The choices of clasps depend on the targeted customers as well. Some specific populations require a simpler but still secured enough clasp. In this article, we will present more about stainless steel magnetic clasps due to its convenient usage.
  10. Handmade jewelry gifts for Christmas

    Posted On November 12 , 2019
    In this article, we would suggest some handmade jewelry such as handmade leather bracelets that could lift off your burden and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.