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Sun Enterprises is based in Europe and we are selling worldwide in over 55 countries each day, primarily within USA and Europe highest quality of  cords .

Our extensive collection of leather - round cords, braided cords, round stitched Nappa leathers and flat cords amongst others are highly popular with our clients. You can be assured that you will get the finest quality of cords, clasps and jewelry findings. Check our extensive blogs to get an impressions of our creations or even better visit us in Almere (Netherlands) to see our wide collection of items!

  1. Leather crochet is the new must-have

    Posted On September 10 , 2021
    Leather crochet is the 2022 must-have. Learn everything about leather crochet or leather fishnet bags, as well as leather crochet bracelets. You can buy already knitted crochet leather from Sun Enterprise's wide collection, and design all the accessories you ever dreamed of!
  2. What are the different types of bracelet clasps

    Posted On June 21 , 2021
    Choose the best jewelry clasps for your upcoming projects with this helpful guide.
  3. How do you make braided leather cord bracelets

    Posted On June 21 , 2021
    A quick tutorial on how to make a braided leather cord bracelet.
  4. Best leather cord for jewelry making

    Posted On June 21 , 2021
    In this post you will find out the best uses for the different types of leather that we offer.
  5. How to finish a leather cord necklace

    Posted On June 18 , 2021
    Discover simple and affordable ways to finish cord jewelry e.g. using various findings or even tying knots.
  6. How do you straighten faux leather cords

    Posted On June 17 , 2021
    Discover how you can soften leather cords for different DIY jewelry designs. The methods are cheap and easy, too.
  7. Leather necklace cord with clasp

    Posted On June 17 , 2021
    Using leather cord for necklaces and suggested idea making process
  8. How do you make a leather cord bracelet

    Posted On June 16 , 2021
    We thought we’d post a jewelry-making tutorial that’s suitable for the men in your life! In today’s post, find out how to make this macramé leather cord and bead bracelet.
  9. What is the best string to use for jewelry

    Posted On June 15 , 2021
    There is a huge assortment of bead stringing media available. Here is some info on beading thread to consider for your jewelry making needs.
  10. How to soften leather cord for jewelry making

    Posted On June 14 , 2021
    Leather conditioner, vaseline,and natural oil can help to soften hardened stiff genuine leather boots,belt or jacket,shoes and leather cord.