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Sun Enterprises is based in Europe and we are selling worldwide in over 55 countries each day, primarily within USA and Europe highest quality of  cords .

Our extensive collection of leather - round cords, braided cords, round stitched Nappa leathers and flat cords amongst others are highly popular with our clients. You can be assured that you will get the finest quality of cords, clasps and jewelry findings. Check our extensive blogs to get an impressions of our creations or even better visit us in Almere (Netherlands) to see our wide collection of items!


    Posted On December 07 , 2022
    The wax cotton cord is sturdy material that is made of cotton yarns infused with paraffin-based wax or natural beeswax-based wax.
  2. Jewellery making with silk cords: SILK CORDS (FAQ)

    Posted On November 24 , 2022
    Silk cords are becoming especially trendy recently, so you may want to make it a new venture for your business! With many styles of silk cords available, for example; habotai, sari and round silk cords with inserts, there are so many possibilities. We offer all of these types of silk cords, so we can be your one-stop-shop for all things silk. In this blog we answer some of the typical questions you may have if you are just starting out with using silk as a material for your jewellery-making adventure.
  3. Besides making jewellery, what else can you do with leather cords?

    Posted On November 22 , 2022
    When most people think of leather cords, they immediately think of jewellery. Bracelets in particular are a very popular end product made of leather. But leather has so much more to offer. For example, consider your leather sofa. This one may be made of leather sheets, but just imagine what you can create with leather cords in addition to jewelry. Leather furniture is becoming more and more popular. Not only because it looks stylish and requested, but also because of the endless possibilities that this material offers.
  4. Jewellery for men, where is it now and what is its history?

    Posted On November 11 , 2022
    You have probably already noticed that jewelry for men is becoming more and more popular, becoming recognised as the perfect accessory for men’s outfits. Where does this trend come from? And most importantly, why should you participate in it by purchasing that bracelet as well?
  5. Why are leather bracelets for men trending?

    Posted On November 09 , 2022
    Jewellery for men is getting more and more popular lately. For example, a short time ago, male leather bracelets were mainly associated with rock and rebellious styles, but that is no longer the case. So many people have started wearing leather bracelets that it is no longer possible to categorize them in one style.
  6. How should you choose the perfect lock for your jewellery?

    Posted On October 20 , 2022
    Locks come in thousands of different shapes and sizes, the most important factor being the type of material that puts the locks together. With almost every type of jewelry, a lock is used so that the jewelry is easy to put on, but would never be lost. But do you actually know how much choice there is between the different colours, sizes, shapes and styles? And how can all these possibilities be added to your collection? Many do not know as many types of locks as they might think. That is why in the blog we list the most common types of locks for you, and how you can best apply them to your creations.
  7. Different types of Clasps:

    Posted On October 13 , 2022
    There are a plethora of clasps that can be used for completing your jewellery pieces. In this blog we will outline some of the most popular styles to offer an opportunity for inspiration. Clasps can have a big impact on the aesthetic of your jewellery, so you need to choose one that you think goes best with the overall impression you wish to achieve.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions: Leather Cords

    Posted On October 11 , 2022
    We at Sun Enterprises regularly get questions related to leather cords. That’s why we’ve created this useful guide to answer the most typical questions we get asked about leather cords. This is part of a mini series where we will cover different topics.
  9. How to soften leather:

    Posted On September 30 , 2022
    Leather is a popular material in fashion, typically utilised as clothing, accessories or even as functional furniture pieces as it is a very durable material. However, depending on the source of your leather, it can sometimes be a little tough and inflexible. That’s why in this blog, we’ll outline some methods you can use to soften you leather to get it to a desirable suppleness.
  10. How to straighten Leather Cords for DIY jewellery

    Posted On September 30 , 2022
    In order to be able to use leather cords for your DIY projects or business, you’ll need to straighten the leather cord beforehand so that it can be used properly. Often, when buying leather from a wholesaler, the leather arrives wound around a spool, which creates curves in the cord. This is not ideal for creating jewellery as it will not give the right finish to your final piece.