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Lederriemen in verschiedenen Farben und Stilen


Sun Enterprises provides the biggest collection of 1mm round leather cord made from the finest hides hand selected to ensure the best leathers are available to inspire your ideas for crafting and other projects.

Our  leather cord is very supple and easy to handle in production and jewelry making, for this reason it is so widely known and largely used in the creation and design of different types and styles of jewels and accessories and one can create many braided articles with it. Choose from the widest collection of colours available in the world . 

You can use them  in combination with other styles and kinds of leather, including braided and flat, as well as with other textiles, widely popular and highly used, both in the jewellery and fashion industries, such as suedesilk and hair-on. They can also be combined with with our stainless steel locks and findings and silver plated locks.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the uses of 1mm round leather cord?

  • 1mm round Leather Cord is widely popular for Jewelry Making Bracelets, Necklace, Hair Accessories, Beading, Hobby, Crochet work and DIY Projects. Multiple strands of round leather cords can be combined together to make a necklace using magnetic clasps as well 

How is the packaging of 1mm round leather cord?

  • Normally 1mm round leather cords are packaged in spools of 50 meters. But we can do custom production and packaging and can pack the same in 2 meters length, 10meters , 25meters or 100 meters as needed too based on your business needed 

What is the tolerance of 1mm round leather cord?

  • Due to the inherent nature of leather hides and the processing involved in it, the 1mm round leather cords can have a variation from 0.9mm till 1.1mm . We at Sun Enterprises try to keep the leather within this tolerance limit but sometimes due to external factors such as moisture , weather, heat etc the sizes can vary a bit. 

What are the Common Sizes of Round Leather Cord?

  • Round leather cord is generally available in sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. 0.5mm (.02” is relatively thin and delicate. 10mm round leather (0.375”) is more widely used as bag handles, dog leashes and other projects which need a lot of strength. The thickness chosen will depend mainly on it’s intended use and personal preference for a project