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Buy Leather Accessories  Leather Threads  at wholesale prices


Sun Enterprises supplies widest collection leather cord threads & Waxed Nylon Thread for the best in unique or custom colour.

These leather threads are available in multiple colors and we can use for Bag pipe reeds, stringing beads, leather work on paddles, outdoor survival kits, hand sewn belts, Stylish leather key chains, measuring objects, household decorations, pocketbook straps, making wreaths, Best pine needle baskets, dollhouse furniture, wholesale watch straps, tying slingshots, bookbinding, cable lacing in pipe organs, scabbards, canvas umbrella repair, handmade greeting cards, couching in hand embroidery, seizing on eyes and sail repairs, outdoor trellises, motorcycle saddles, Awesome friendship bracelets, basket weaving, necklace/pouch weaving, Quality designer earrings, macrame, whipping roe ends, wheel covers, wheat weaving, saddler, furniture repair, bookbinding, dream catchers, suspended ceilings, horse hair jewelry, taxidermy, tent repair, pine needle baskets, knot tying, making rosaries, replica sailing ships, decorative guards, custom boot making, wrap wedding favors, whipping vintage hickory golf clubs, seam up braided rugs, wicker dollhouse furniture, hand sew knife sheaths, lashing rims on baskets and gourds, repairing fabric straps on kayaks, flossing your teeth, Christmas ornament hangers, sew a lei of flowers, braiding lashes on bull whips, braid horse’s mane, Convertible top repair, manna grass baskets, wooden flute tenon wrap, kumihimo braiding, knotless webbing, tapestry necklace weaving, bow strings for light longbows, Genuine braided zipper pulls, making espadrilles, improvised compass, rug braiding.