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Leather Cords Impressions of Leather and Locks

What visual message is your jewelry collection conveying?

The answer to this can be found in the design theory, more specifically the theory which displays the principles of design as applied to jewelry creations.

The design principles include balance, proportion, contrast, unity, harmony, movement and emphasis.

These principles of design are used to arrange the elements (beads, components, materials) in jewelry art, guiding the visual message of the piece.

Here you can find examples of how our locks, leather and components are used to create different styles of bracelets and jewels.

We offer an extensive collection of stainless steel locks, findings in steel and silver plated locks.

Our collection of leather includes different sizes of Nappa leather, braided leather, round and flat leather, crocodile prints and snake prints.

Wake up your creative side and express yourself! Creativity has no borders - Be inspired. 

  1. Glue 1 gram

    Price per tube (euro) - 1.00

    Packaging (tubes) - 12

    • €12.00
    • Qty
  2. Glue 2 gram

    Price per tube (euro) - 2.00

    Packaging (tubes) - 6

    • €12.00
    • Qty
  3. Glue 3 gram

    Price per tube (euro) - 2.50

    Packaging (tubes) - 6

    • €15.00
    • Qty
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