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Buy Leather Cord Round Leather 2mm   at wholesale prices


Sun Enterprises offers best quality 2mm leather cord at wholesale prices in vibrant colors.

Sun Enterprises offers the best quality 2mm leather cord at wholesale rates in Europe and USA!

These 2mm leather cords are unique add on for your jewelry and fashion creations due to its bright colors and high tear-up resistance. You can use them  in combination with other styles and kinds of leather, including braided and flat, as well as with other textiles, widely popular and highly used, both in the jewellery and fashion industries, such as suedesilk and hair-on. They can also be combined with with our stainless steel locks and findings and silver plated locks.

We will also be delighted to adapt the shades and customize these round leather cords according to your tastes and needs! Our high quality 2mm round leather cords are widely used for braiding, beading, designing fashion accessories, creating unique and stylish necklaces and bracelets.

To see the colours better check our latest video of round leather cords 

Frequently asked questions

 Is 2mm round leather cord good for necklaces?

  • 2mm is popular sizes for necklaces making with leather. The leather in 2mm tends to be very soft. You can also combine few strands of 2mm round cords to be used a necklaces within a magnetic clasps. Black and vintage dark brown in 2mm round leather cords is the most popular amongst necklaces of round leather cords

What are the uses of 2mm round leather cord?

  • 2mm round Leather Cord is widely popular for Jewelry Making Bracelets, Necklace, Hair Accessories, Beading, Hobby, Crochet work and DIY Projects. Some clients recently have been creating beautiful bags and other accessories using the same. You can combine 2mm round leather cords together with natural gemstones as well 

How is the packaging of 2mm round leather cord?

  • Normally 2mm round leather cords are packaged in spools of 50 meters. But we can do custom production and packaging and can pack the 2mm round leather cords in 2 meters length, 10meters , 25meters or 100 meters on spools as per the request.

What is the tolerance of 2mm round leather cord?

  • Due to the inherent nature of leather hides and the processing involved in it, the 2mm round leather cords can have a variation from 1.8mm till 2.1mm. We try to keep the leather within this tolerance limit but sometimes due to external factors such as moisture, weather, heat etc the sizes can vary a bit

What are the Common Sizes of Round Leather Cord?

  • Round leather cord is generally available in sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. 0.5mm (.02” is relatively thin and delicate. 10mm round leather (0.375”) is more widely used as bag handles, dog leashes and other projects which need a lot of strength. The thickness chosen will depend mainly on it’s intended use and personal preference for a project. 8mm and 10mm round leather cords are very popular for dog leashes 

Can spools of leather cords have joints?

  • Round leather while cut from the hide in the centre, can have joints as it is not possible to one single piece of 50 meters length. It is normal to have such knots in the spools