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Buy Clasps Magnetic Clasps   at wholesale prices

Magnetic Clasps

Get the exact magnetic clasp you’re looking for Jewellery and fashion accessory making

We hold a wide collection of magnetic clasps that are made of High-quality Stainless steel , Zamac & Sterling Silver. Each type comes in a variety of colours and sizes so that you can find the exact one for jewellery and fashion accessory making.

Sizes: Whether your project demands small round magnetic clasps of 2mm size or big ones like 14mm, you can find any size you want. For flat ones, the size varies from 5 mm to 40mm. We can also provide you with custom sizes. Inquire Now!

Colour: We understand that clasps for jewellery demands a variety of colors. So we provide magnetic clasps in these different colors- Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Gun Black.

Custom Designs: You can choose any clasp design among the 1400 different models of clasps we carry. But we can also make you entirely new magnetic clasps based on the design you want.

So if you’re looking for

  • Magnetic necklace clasp
  • Magnetic jewelry clasps
  • Magnetic clasp for purse or for bags

We got the right one in terms of built material, size, and color for any of your jewellery and fashion accessory making projects. Moreover, you can utilize our large variety of eather cords, suede cords, and cotton cords to make unique jewellery pieces using magnetic clasps.


Why Buy magnetic clasps from Sunenterprises?

High-Quality Material: Our base materials for these clasps are free of Lead, Cadmium & Nickel. So regardless of the type you choose- i.e made of Stainless Steel, Zemac, or Sterling Silver, the final item will be very safe to wear.

Great finish & Colour: Be it a magnetic clasp for necklaces or for bracelets, you’ll receive the exact clasp as you’ll see in a picture or mentioned in the description. And regardless of the color you choose, each one comes with great finishing that’ll make your final product shine bright!

Strong Magnet: When you think of using a magnetic clasp for leather bracelets or use it for necklaces, you may worry about the item falling off. These clasps are made with very strong magnets that keep the items from falling off. Even some come with interlocking ridges that make the magnets securely clasped. 

Highly Durable: The high-quality base material in these clasps makes them corrosion free. The colour quality remains the same even after prolonged use.


 Frequently asked Questions:

  •  Are magnetic clasps the strongest types of clasp?

 Magnetic clasps aren’t the strongest type of clasp used in jewellery making. The toggle clasp is the best bet for that. But for people having difficulty in opening and closing toggle clasps or other conventional clasps, these clasp types are best.

  •  Do magnetic clasp work?

 If you’re looking to create jewelry that involves works with threads and knots then these claps will beautifully work. They are designed in a way to hide the knots so the piece of jewelry looks neat. 

  •  Are these clasp type secure?

 These are easy to use and secure at the same time. When interlocking ridges are there in the clasp then you don’t have to worry about it falling off.