Accessories are ornamental complements that we combine to our outfits everyday. Men have different watches for each occasion; girls wear some necklaces for the day and others for the evening but sometimes they need to shine more.

Swarovski tapes are made for this, to make your complements more sparkling than ever.

They are tiny crystal glasses inserts in crystal fabric which is self adhesive. The crystals shine and reflect the light.

These crystal tapes are easy and quick to apply. To make the tape better stick to the product you need to choose articles with flat and irregular surfaces like suede cords, bags or wallets but is also possible to use it with rigid bracelets like bangles.

The size of 10 mm allow the application on the same row or in double lines depending on the size of the article to which you are gluing it.

Swarovski tapes are present in different shade of “light”: black, blue, grey, bronze, pink and white.

With any colour you will choose, you will obtain a luxury product, delicate but super shiny... like a star!


Check our tutorial at this link