Till today the only tassels we knew were the ones made of flat leather and fringes. Then, in a drawer that hasn’t been opened for months, we found some silk tassels and we thought it was a great idea to rediscover this design and share it with you.

The silk is a precious material of high quality which is present on the market in many different colors and shades, most of them unique, as the bunches of sahari silk can be. It is also possible to use silk tapes cut with a special laser and hand dyed - check the picture at the end of the post (the colors can be costumized as necessary).

Silk tassels, as leather ones, can be the right component for your necklaces, a cool accessory to hook to the zip of bags or they can become key chains, too.

The structure of a silk tassel is easier than it looks. You will need some stainless steel rings and a steel wire to connect the parts and keep the silk tapes/strips together. The compositions which can be made are endless. In the picture we propose you to pass your favourite beads through the wire. And that’s it! You’ve created your unique special tassel!