It is fascinating to explore new markets and deal with different articles than the ones we sell. Before entering a new commerce is important to have good knowledge of the product we are supposed to deal with. So, first of all we need to answer the question: what is sterling silver?

The famous 925 sterling silver that everyone is hearing about is an alloy of metals where silver has a minimum weight of 92,5%. Easy and direct!

The world of sterling silver is a shiny world where costumers and sellers can find sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings, sterling silver bracelets, hoop earrings, bangles and chains as well.

Stainless steel is also a good material to design accessories but sterling silver is becoming very popular despite the higher cost that great designers are willing to pay for high quality articles as it is.

Chains, rings and earrings are the most used products in sterling silver as well as magnetic clasps and locks are extremely requested in order to be combined with precious component parts as stingray cords.

People believe that sterling silver is hard to buy and to use for their creations but actually is not like this: now thanks to Sun Enterprises you can get the sterling silver chains and locks that you have always waited for.