Give the best finishing touch to your homemade jewelry with the right type of clasps. There are several styles and designs of bracelet clasps available in the market. Here are some of the popular bracelet clasp designs that you can check out before you choose the right one that matches your jewelry design.


Hook and Eye Clasp

It is a very simple clasp. The hook needs to be attached to one end of the bracelet and the ‘eye’ to the other end.


Lobster claw clasp

Also known as spring clasp, this type of clasp is popular for its simple design and secure clasp. The clasp is oval or round shaped and has a small knob attached to a spring. When the knob is pushed, the clasp opens and the ring on the other end of the bracelet can be slipped inside the clasp. On releasing the knob, the clasp is secured.


Magnetic clasps

High on convenient use and secure hold, magnetic clasps are great for bracelets. Magnets set in metal are attached to both ends of the bracelet. The wearer has to simply bring together the two ends of the bracelet close, and the magnets snap shut. This mechanism makes one-handed wearing of bracelets easy.


S-Hook Clasp

As the name suggests, the hook is designed in the shape of the letter S. The hook is attached to one end of the bracelet and a ring to the other end.


Side Lock Clasp

This clasp has two hollow tubes designed in such a way that one tube slips into the other tube and locks in place. This type of clasp will be perfect for multi-strand bracelets as you can attach each strand to a ring affixed to the tube in the clasp.


Toggle Clasp

Toggle clasps are easy for one-handed use, but may not be as secure as magnetic or spring clasps. The clasp consists of a bar and a ring or a square on the other end. The bar is inserted into the other end to secure the bracelet.


Box clasp

This clasp design has two boxes that are attached to both ends of the bracelet. When brought together, the boxes snap shut.