Sun Enterprises is giving you the possibility to make your own bracelet and personalizing it without the need of creating it from the base.

Between our big collection of thousands products, we are selling ZAMAC AND COPPER FRAMES FOR BANGLES.

We would define it as a truly smart product. Why?

It consists in the base of a bracelet that is present in our category of MGL components in different sizes, colours and shapes. We gave it the definition of “smart” because it is a frame to which you can apply infinite variants. Designers are usually gluing leather parts of the same size (flat or round as they prefer), as you can see in the photos down here.

Leather is not the only product that can be sticked to it. Eco-leather is a valid alternative if you want to obtain the same result. Otherwise you can also opt for other materials such as cotton cords, braided cords and suede. All of them can be applied with the help of super-glue.

So, if you are creative but lazy as well, this could be a good solution!

On the other hand, who is really full of energy can reach the next level: using thin and small leather or cotton cords and some beads, great designs can be realized and some of them could be considered as real art works!

Try to do your BANGLE BRACELET as well! And don’t forget to share it with the world (Facebook and Instagram are great to do this). ;-)