Three, two, one… Happy New Year! Delighted people celebrating, corkwood from champagne bottles is flying everywhere. This is the thought of most of people, If someone mentions cork. But cork has a great usage also in the Jewellery Industry!

Let’s be a little creative now, and let’s forget about leather for a while. Best Designers are trying to use different materials for their Jewellery creations. The reason why is simple: everybody needs to abandon the comfort zone from time to time. If these Designers want to stick to this, they will not only be creating Jewellery – but Art.

People appreciate real products – real products also mean natural products – and what can be more natural than oak? Yes,Cork is made from oak trees and this material is starting to be more and more popular for several products. Some of you might think that cork is not fancy enough for bracelets or Jewellery. Please, do not fall in this cliché! If you are wondering how to use cork for jewellery, here is the answer: cork can be used in the same way as leather. Sun Enterprises offers round or flat cork in many sizes and in many colours!

Some think that trees have the virtue to give you power and a peaceful mind. Isn’t there a better way to bring peace into customer’s lives than with a piece of jewelry? In my opinion it is! Forget all your problems, thoughts about work, or personal life and follow this vision with me: you are walking in the forest, it is morning and the sunshine is trying to find your face through all the trees. The various smells around are calming you down and you are feeling happy for no reason. Jewellery made from Cork might point out the same feelings and you can feel the nature even when you are travelling to work by the bus which is full of people.

In the end, I would like to remind you that it is never about the brand, it is about the style! I am sure that every Designer who is reading this is creative and innovative enough to not be afraid of cork. Please feel welcome to show us your magical cork creations!

Bc. Petra Kostelanska