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Wax Cotton Cords

Wax Cotton Cords

Wax Cotton Cords

Our waxedcotton cords are of finest quality, colourful, soft and versatile to be used inmultiple ways in the jewellery and fashion worlds.

Due totheir breezy style and their bright shades, our woven cotton cords haveextended usage in the jewellery creation process.

Our laces areexclusively made from biodegradable cotton which, as well as our cork cords,respect and embody the values of environmentally-friendly jewellery and fashioncollections. 

Ourpolished cords are available in around 80 vivid and vivacious colours, in orderto suit each customer’s personal taste and satisfy their peculiar requests andwishes.

We offeryou a wide range of sizes, comprising 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3mm.

This vastarray of diameters available makes the cotton cords easy to be braided andperfectly combined with all sorts of round leather cords, real Nappa flatleather laces, braided leather laces, suede laces and real Nappa round leathercords.

Our wax cottoncords can be used as stringing materials for necklaces and bracelets, incombination with our multiple stainless steel parts, magnetic locks and claspsfor jewellery making.

Enrich yourjewellery and fashion creations by selecting different silver plated findings,crystal beads or Shamballa charms from our rich jewellery assortment!

Theseprecious and elegant articles will enable you to design customised jewels andaccessories which will surely delight each and every one’s tastes and desires.