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Real Nappa Leather - Flat Cords with Steel Ball Chain - 6 mm

Real Nappa Leather - Flat Cords with Steel Ball Chain -  6 mm

Real Nappa Leather - Flat Cords with Steel Ball Chain - 6 mm

Recently, a new, original style of Real Nappa Flat Leather Cords have joined our rich collection of jewellery components and textiles - The flat laces

embellished with a chain made up of stainless steel balls stitched in the middle. 

The stainless steel ball chain are manually and accurately stitched in the middle of a soft Nappa leather flat lace, in order to give our Nappa leather

cords a bright and resistant colour, a sophisticated and fashionable look, while always guaranteeing a reliable tear-up resistance.

Moreover, the stainless steel chain, finely stitched in the middle of the cord, can be gold or silver plated, according to the effect and style you wish

to give your jewellery and fashion collections. 

This particular kind of real Nappa leather is available in multiple colours - you will surely find the perfect shade matching to your style, satisfying

your personal taste and fulfilling your creative ideas!

The size offered for this original type of Nappa leather lace is 6 mm.

The Real Nappa Leather with steel chains can be used to create original bracelets and stylish fashion accessories.

Combine this special type of Nappa leather with our exclusive collection of flat magnetic locks for jewellery, available in multiple plating and

designs, and our rich selection of flat stainless steel clasps, offered in steel, gold and rose gold finish.

You can enjoy yourself by discovering the multiple ways in which you can combine our Nappa leather stitched laces with all types of eco leather

laces and real leather cords from our assortment for enriched design and unique appearance. 

Don\'t forget - Leather is always in style!