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Round Leather Cords - 1mm

Round Leather Cords - 1mm

Round Leather Cords - 1mm

Greatest variety of leather cord available in the world of all types and sized for jewelry making and fashion accessories

Our Round leather cords are available in various sizes . We carry the biggest collection of round leather cords in the world in over 120 different colours . Our wholesale leather cords are ensured to meet your business requirements for not only jewellery but also related to crafting, bag manufacturing or shoes .

They are offered in a vast array of plain colours, such as Light Blue, Red and Green, metallic shades, like Metallic Violet, Metallic Silver and Metallic Orange, and vitnage style hues, for instance Vintage Blue, Vintage Brown and Vintage Pink.

Due to their colours' brightness and fastness, their high tear-up resistance and their extremely soft texture, they are widely renowned in the jewellery and fashion worlds, where they can be easily used in the creation of different types and styles of jewels and fashion accessories.

They are widely used for braiding, beading decoration, and to create bags and other fashion accessories, and jewels like necklaces and bracelets.

The round leather cords can be used with many of our stainless steel locks, findings in steel and silver plated locks to create bracelets and other accessories in different styles and shades.

Another way of using them is together with other styles of leather, like for example real nappa leather cords , eco nappa laces and braided leather cords.

You can afterwards enrich your unique and elegant creations by adding some of  our different metal beads, or by braiding the leather laces with the suede cords, the silk ribbons and the hair-on leather.

The round leather is soft and easy to handle in production and jewelry making, for this reason it is so widely known and largely used in the creation and design of different types and styles of jewels and accessories.