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Buy Leather Cord Nappa Leather Flat Nappa Leather Flat Laces with Glitter  at wholesale prices

Nappa Leather Laces with Glitter

Sun Enterprises is proud to offer one of the largest programme of jewellery components and tools in the world, which has recently been enriched by a unique and most original item: our flat Nappa leather laces enriched with glitter. 

The glittery style gives the final Nappa leather lace a glamorous and shiny appearance, perfectly suitable for the creation of stylish fashion accessories and charming jewels.  This article is offered in multiple, bright colors, to satisfy each designer's requirements, creative needs and personal taste.

Our Nappa leather cords are without any doubts the most popular item among our vast assortment of jewellery components, materials and textiles. 

Its incredibly soft and impalpable texture, its bright and vivid colours, its high tear-up strength and resistance, not to mention its extreme versatility and the unique feature of being absolutely easy-to-handle in both production, jewellery creation and fashion accessories crafting and design, give reasons to its popularity and totally positive reputation. 

The main sizes available are two - 5 mm and 10 mm. 

Explore all the ways in which you can originally combine these cords with other types of Nappa leather cords and laces, including our braided leather cords, round Nappa leather cords and flat Nappa leather laces.

You can use our Nappa leather cords in combination with other styles and kinds of leather, including braidedround and flat, as well as with other textiles, widely popular and highly used, both in the jewellery and fashion industries, such as suedesilk and hair-on.