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Buy Leather Cord Real Suede at wholesale prices -Sun Enterprises

Suede Cord at Wholesale Prices

Sun Enterprises offers the finest quality of real suede cords, suede ribbons, suede laces and suede strings available in different styles at wholesale prices! Suede leather cords are widely used for making necklaces and bracelets especially black suede cord.

The size of the suede cords varies from 3mm to 15mm and they can be found in flat, round and braided suede rope style. Suede strings have great demand due to its exterior soft skin layer and are used for jwelery making, personalized bags and other accessories.  Keeping this in mind, we bring the best of suede cords in various colors and sizes.

Leather Cords Real Suede

3mm Suede Leather Cords

4mm Suede Leather Cords

5mm Suede Leather Cords

Real Suede Cords - 10mm

Real Suede Cords - 15mm

Flat Suede Leather

Suede Leather Double Stitched

Suede Leather with chains - 14mm

Suede Braided Belts with tassels

Braided Suede Leather Cords - 5mm