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Braided Bolo

Buy Leather Cord Braided at wholesale prices - Sun Enterprises

Leather Cord Braided Bolo

Sun Enterprises is manufacturer and wholesaler of top quality braided Bolo leather cords made from the finest quality of European leather. Our production of braids include several kinds such as round braids, flat braids, oval braids, regaliz braided leather cords, square braids in several sizes and endless possibilities of colours. Our braided leather cords are widely used in the jewelry industry as well as furniture, garments , hunting and making beautiful chokers 

Braided bolo leather cords from Sun Enterprises are very tightly braided and designs can be customized based on your specific needs. Our thick braided leather cords are very popular for jewellery for men collection and leather belting needs. Our braided leather cords for necklaces and bracelets are widely popular for chokers, bracelet wraps and other design styles in braided belts as well 

Our round braided bolo cords comes in different sizes, styles and colours, including plain shades, metallic hues and vintage styles and they are also available in other styles such as oval braided and flat braided cords.

As designer and craftmen you can use our flat Nappa laces or flat leather cords and create the braiding as per your style too . You can made flat braided Nappa cords or round braided leather cords based on combination of colours of your choice