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Buy Jewelry Making Supplies Bead String material and Faux Cords  at wholesale prices

Jewelry Making Supplies Bead String material and Faux Cords

Widest collection of bead stringing materials and faux cords for jewellery for necklaces at wholesale prices

Our collection of faux cords also called immitation cords or synthetic cords is widely popular for bracelets for jewellery making. The feel of many of the materials is similar to leather cords. 

Faux cords include flat cords,  braided cords ,cotton cords, immitation suede cords, eco flat leather with crystal and metal studs and many more.

Waxed Cotton Cords

Mesh Cords

Faux Suede Cords

Faux Nappa Leather Cords

Necklace Cords in Wire and Rubber

Fabric Chains

Faux Cords - Shamballa Style

Faux Cords - Tango Series

Faux Cords - Samba Series

Faux Cords - Zumba Series

Faux Nappa Flat Leather Cord - 5mm

Faux Nappa Flat Leather Cord - 10mm

Braided Suede Cords

PVC Bands or Kautschuck

Flat Faux Braided Leather Cords

Flat Faux Elastic Nappa Leather Cords - 10mm

Faux Nappa Leather Cords - Oval Shaped

Flat Braided Special Style

Faux Round Braided Leather Cords - Neon Colours

Nappa Leather with Denim Fabrics

Bulgy Fabric Cord - 10mm

Eco Flat Leather (Fancy Style)

Eco Regaliz Leather

Fabric Braided Cords

Leather with Names

Special Fabric Cords - 4mm

Special Hunter Cords - 3mm

Suede Cords with Chains

Rayon Cords

Flat Velvet Cords

Suede Cords with Studs

Swift Braided Cords

Special Real Touch Eco Leather

High Quality Eco Glitter Leather - 10mm

Eco Flat Leather with Chains

Nappa Leather Fabric Multistyle - 6mm

Flat Multicolour Fabric Cord - 5mm

Flat Multicolour Fabric Cord - 10mm

Dizzy Style Round 3mm - 10mt

Dizzy Style Flat 10mm - 10mt

Fabric with Flowers Round and Flat

Flat Leather 5mm Glitter - 15 mts roll

Leather with 3 Chains - 10mm

Rich Style Flat Cords 5mm - 10mts roll


Fancy Braided Cotton Cords