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Buy Clasps Magnetic Clasps  Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasps Gold Clasp Flat Clasps - All sizes   at wholesale prices

flat gold clasps

Magnetic Clasps and leather cord end caps for flat leather can be selected from various sizes we supply in Gold plated variety.

Our rich collection of stainless steel magnetic clasps for leather is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Our magnetic clasps are perfectly suitable to be used in combination with all kinds of leather cords, especially flat leather and Italian Flat Leather in different sizes, such as 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm,10 mm 15mm,20mm,30mm and 40mm.

You can also use the stainless steel magnetic clasps as closures and connectors for other different types and styles of laces and cords, such as braided flat leather, wax cotton yarns and suede laces.You also have the possiblity to create the magnetic clasps for leather in your unique way with engravings. 

As manufacturers we offer you endless choices of magnetic clasps in wholesale prices. Not only can you choose from our collection but we can create high quality magnetic clasps for necklaces and bracelets from scratch that are exclusive to your designs. 

The magnetic clasps are available in different colours including silver, antique silver, gold, antique gold, powdered gold, powdered silver, rose gold, matt black, matt silver and steel.

Below you can explore our vast assortment of magnetic clasps.


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