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New Arrival - 16 Apr to 30 Apr

We have launched a new collection of our existing generation of locks. Check out our new Magnetic Locks; Zamac locks and the high-quality Stainless Steel locks which are now available in different colors and sizes.

Our expanded collection of locks can now be used to create thousands of variation of jewellery accessories: bracelets; necklaces; earrings; pendants; charms or other accessories.

Combine our clasps for jewellery with our huge collection of real round and flat leather; eco nappa leather; silk; or braided cords. Personalise your jewellery by using our exclusive collection of Zamac beads and steel items.

  1. Nappa Leather Flat -5mm-plain style white

    Regular Price €24.00 Special Price €10.00
  2. Nappa Leather Flat -dark grey-5mm

    Regular Price €24.00 Special Price €16.00
  3. Nappa Leather Flat -Sky Blue-5mm

    Regular Price €24.00 Special Price €10.00
  4. Nappa Leather Flat -White-5mm

    Regular Price €24.00 Special Price €10.00
  5. RNL-Flat folden renforced-5mm Pyton brown

    Regular Price €24.00 Special Price €10.00

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