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Zamac Parts for Leather


Zamac Parts for Leather

Our richcollection of zamac parts for leather cords and laces offers you a wide choiceamong multiple designs, platings, shapes and shades.

Our metal parts are highly versatile, therefore you will be able to use them for manydifferent purposes: use them as end locks for your bracelets or decorate yourjewellery creations with our metal parts, with or without hook!

Explore ourbroad selection of zamac parts for leather cords, and discover the shapes anddesigns that will most satisfy your personal tastes and fulfil your creativeprojects, among little skulls and animals, flowers and hearts, gemotric shapesand small buttons, number and letters, perfect to create customised braceleteswith quotes, to name but a few.

You willfind it extremely easy to combine our zamac metal parts with the differentstyles and types of leather cords we are proud to offer you, ranging from roundleather cords to braided leather laces, from suede cords to real Nappa flatleather laces and real Nappa round leather cords.