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Hair - On Leather

Hair - On Leather

Hair - On Leather

Hair - onleather is a special type of leather, which can be made up from anyanimal even though it is mostly composed of

cow skin.

It isconsidered a “pelt,” as well as fur.

Our richcollection offers a selection of hair-on leather cords and laces available in many differentstyles.

The severaldesigns include leather laces with silver chain or with gold chain, without the chain,braided hair-on cords, stitched

laces, leather in animal prints and in plaincolours.

The hair-onleather is offered in multiple sizes, ranging from 5 mm and 10 mm to 14 mm and20 mm.

Our hair-onleather can also be customized according to your creative requirements.

We alsooffer different kinds of stylish and original belts in hair-on leather cords, as well as fashionable and unique hair-on


The hair-oncords represents a perfect match for our wide array of magnetic locks andclasps, available in stainless steel and in

zamac and copper platings. 

They can becombined to the locks with the help of the strong and reliable FeviKwik glue, alsoavailable in our vast assortment of

jewellery components and tools.

At thisstage, you may be wondering: how can I take care of this special type ofleather?

Fortunately,the care required by the hair calf is pretty simple.

Whether youthrow gum or spill oil on it, afterwards you will be able to nicely clean itwith a dry cloth.

If something incidentally dirties it, use a slightly damp cloth to clean it butthen dry it with a dry cloth immediately after.

And remember: always gowith the grain of the hair!