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Real Suede Cords - 10mm

Buy Leather Cord Real Suede  Real Suede Cords - 10mm  at wholesale prices

Leather Cord Real Suede Real Suede Cords - 10mm

Discover our real suede cords in 10mm.

Our 10mm suede cords go along with one colour which can be used for many different activities as well as your own unique use.

Also good to know: Our suede cords can be very well combined with many of our stainless steel locks, findings in steel and silver plated locks to create bracelets and other accessories in different styles. Another way of using them is together with other styles of leather (real nappa, eco nappa, braided leather, etc), metal beads, silk & hair-on.

The suede leather is soft and easy to handle in production and jewelry making.

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