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Leather Cord Leather Cords Flat Italian

Sun Enterprises offers a wide array of Italian leather cords and laces of the finest quality at wholesale prices. 

Our vast assortment of jewellery components and materials comprise a large collection of high quality flat leather cords, widely used and appreciated for creating bracelets, as well as belts, handles for bags and as a decoration to enrich fashion accessories.

3mm by 2mm

4mm by 2mm

5mm by 2mm

5mm Snake Style

8mm by 2mm

Chess Design - 10mm

Shaped Holes

Flat Laces with Geometrical Pattern

10mm by 2mm

Multicolour Laces - 10mm

Flat Multicolour Cords - 5mm

Mix Flat Italian leather Cords

Flat Cords with Chess Design - 5mm

Flat Cords with Crossed Lines Design

Flat Cords with Maya Patterns - 5mm

Flat Laces with Stripes on Both Sides - 10 mm

Flat Laces with Glitter

Flat Laces with Fabric

Flat Cords Snake Style with Glitter

Flat Laces with Embossing