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Hair-On Leather

Buy Leather Cord Hair-On Leather  at wholesale prices

Leather Cord Hair-On Leather

Enjoy a vast array of real hair on leather cords for jewelry purposes at wholesale prices with the best offered quality!

Find one of the richest hair-on leather laces collections! We guarantee you always get the best price in the market!

The main categories are hair-on leather belts, hair-on flat braided laces, hair-on leather cords with silver or gold chains, hair-on flat laces, hair-on leather cords with stitches and hair-on round braided cords.

The available sizes are 5 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm and the material is a mixed between cow and pony skins.

Besides that, our hair-on leather can also be customized according to your creative requirements.

Therefore, you can find in this section the best hair-on material to create your own hair on leather belts, bracelets and more hair-on accessories!