Tips on Attractive Leather Cord Jewelry Making         


Get innovative and experiment with the latest trend in leather jewelry. If you love designing and creating homemade jewelry, then you should definitely try using leather cords to make different kinds of jewelry.


Buying leather cords

You need to invest in high-quality material to get the best results. Go with a reputed dealer or talk to people in jewelry making to find the best place to buy the leather cords or sheets. Check the leather for marks, imperfections, or tears. You get both smooth and rough finish leather – choose the texture depending on the type of accessory you are planning to make.


Choosing the right type

Leather cords are available in both flat and round shapes. Flat cords are available in different thickness. You can even buy braided cords that you can directly use in your accessory. Licorice Leather is a cord in which the edges are glued together or sewn together to form a tube-like structure. You can use this type to make bracelets or collars.


With or without end clasps

Leather cords are available as solid strings that you can cut to the length you need. Go for plain leather cords if you are planning to make a lot of jewelry or create different accessories. You can use every type of lock. Especially the magnetic clasps are useful for such projects. If you are just going to make bracelets or necklaces, you can get leather cords with end clasps. They are available in different lengths. When you go for cords with clasps, you will have to work with the available length and clasp style. Though it may limit your creativity, it reduces work for you.


Invest in the right tools

When you work with leather, you need to have the right kind of tools.

Fabric Scissors – Use this tool to easily cut soft leather. The scissors allow you to handle minute cutting tasks

Sharp craft knife – Use this tool to cut thick leather

Rotary cutter- With this tool, you can cut out strips or geometric shapes in leather

Leather punch – use this tool to make holes on leather. The simple leather punch lets you make a small hole while the shaped leather punch can be used to make holes in different shapes and sizes

Awl – you can use an awl to make a tiny hole in leather to slide a needle with thread inside.