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Wholesale Nappa Leather Cords Manufacturer

Wholesale Nappa Leather Cords Manufacturer

Wholesale Nappa Leather Cords Manufacturer

Wholesale nappa leather cord manufacturer with over 10000 different kinds of Nappa leather cords

Great variety of nappa leather cords of all types and sizes available for jewelry making and various leather cuffs 

We are bulk suppliers of leather cords made from goat and sheep leather.

They are produced through a distinctive process of tanning and dyeing, which enriches the colour and provides the leather with a smoother and softer touch.

The snake print is obtained from a high-tech process using advanced machines in order to create the appearance of the real snake leather.

The Nappa leathercords are available in more than 90 colours and various sizes starting from 1 mmto 8 mm.

They are widely used for the design of creative accessories such asbracelets, necklaces, charms and other types of jewellery and fashion creations. You can use our Nappa leather laces to make a fashion statement by choosing a plain or snake style, astandard or more extravagant colour.

The real Nappa leather cords can be combined with braided leather cords for exquisite results.

We are happy toprovide our customers not only with wholesale prices, but also with specialprices and discounts for larger quantities.

Also as a huge wholesaler and producer we are able to offer custom production to our clients.

The Nappa leather is a perfect fit for our stainless steel locks, findings in steel and silver plated locks.