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Stainless steel pendant SSP-482

SSP-482-Stainless Steel Parts and Findings
15,00 €
Inner Size: 35mm Price/pc (€)= 3.00. Packaging = 5pcs

High quality stainless steel parts and finidings Price/pc (€)= 3.00. Packaging per 5 pcs Size= 35mm

The stainless steel collection is also consisted of more than 1000 different types of parts to enrich the design of the jewelry.

Among the stainless steel findings you can find end parts, rings, beads, elements for key chains, pendals , charms, and all the specific types of clasps. In this product category you can find barrel clasps, toggle clasps, lobster clasps, S-hook and spring ring clasps.

As same as all magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel locks, the jewelry parts are also produced with 316L stainless steel quality.

As all the parts are produced to fit the broad collection of different leather we offer, they are made with different sizes and shapes.

The findings can be a perfect fit with the our flat braided leather and round leather cords in all different colors; or, with the round Nappa leather and flat suede leather. Another popular material in jewelry designing are all the types of silk cords which can also go perfectly together with the stainless steel decorations.

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