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Metal Bracelet Components in Stainless Steel


Metal Bracelet Components in Stainless Steel

The Collection of our handcrafted stainless steel bracelets are available in different sizes, styles and colors in order to provide the widest range of custom creations to our customers.

Our stainless steel bracelets comes in Cuff and bangle shape.

Cuff: A bracelet that can open on one side with the intention of stretching over the wrist.

Bangle: This type of bracelets has two forms: a full closed circle that is non-flexible or a semi-opened on one end with a spring on the other.

They all come in steel, gold, rose gold and black color.

By combining these plain bracelets with leather cords, the finished products can be customized for individual needs and styles. Our collection of leather consists of the highest quality leather cords, such as flat nappa leather and Italian leather in several designs, sizes and colors.