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Sun Enterprises is a leading Manufacturer of Leather and Jewellery Components for Europe and the USA.

The company offers products with high premium quality and has a vast assortment of goods which includes all kinds of magnetic locks, beads and leather cords etc. We offer everything you need for creating Jewellery and Fashion Accessories.

We export to 55 countries and pride ourselves that Top-Designers from both Europe and USA use our leathers for their Accessoires due to the high quality and softness of the leather.

As a huge manufacturer we can produce goods tailored to your needs. If you need any customized items do not hesitate to contact us - We are happy to help you!

Beads and Charms

We offer a great range of Beads and Pearls for your Jewellery making. Creativity has no border. Browse through our huge assortment and be inspired.

We offer end caps for leather, big hole beads, fancy pendants, horn beads, metal pendants and Zamac parts for leather - These supplies transform every leather accessory into an eyecatcher.

Browse through our Beads Gallery.


Our leather collection is the biggest globally and we offer different variations of Nappaleather, Round Leather Cords, Flat Leather, Regaliz Leather and Eco-Leather.

Our assortment comprises more than 100 colours for every Style and we offer various Designs - Whether round, braided, flat, thick or thin, we offer everything for different tastes. We also customize leather based on your specific needs, sizes etc We constantly update and expand our collection, adjusted to the latest trends.

Browse through our Leather Gallery.

Jewellery Making Supplies

We supply an extensive collection of jewellery clasps and magnetic locks, stainless steel & metal findings, silk cords and ribbons , beads and charms for leather cords and hobby tools. You can search for any materials that you need in your jewellery-making process in our Jewellery Supplies Product Gallery..

Leather Cords

As a leading leather manufacturer in the European market, we constantly strive to enrich our collection with new styles of leather. Our collection consists of all sorts of leather cords, namely round leather cords, flat braided leather cords , Nappa leather cords , Fur leather cords, and suede laces. The size of the leather varies from 1mm cords to 40mm flat leather. The range of colours and styles extends even further. To explore all of our models of leather, you can download our catalogue. We pride ourselves being a larger leather cord exporter to over 55 countries in the world and the fact the our leather laces and cords are being used by the top designers in the world due to its high quality, softness and wide range of colours. As a leading leather manufacturer of cords, we can customize production as per your requirements and package the products in hanks, rolls or display cards. Discover our nappa leather cords and laces in the Nappa Leather cords Gallery..


We supply different styles of real hand-dyed silk cords. Silk has been an increasingly popular product used for bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Our collection includes Habotai silk, silk tapers and silk with cotton inserts in a wide range of colours. Our Silk Cord & Silk Ribbon are hand dyed with eco-friendly. They are pre-washed and colour resistant. Silk cords and ribbons are now available in over 200 different colours. Discover what you can create with beautiful silk ribbon. Give your next project a luxurious feel with our soft, elegant silk strings and ribbons. Our gorgeous silk thread is strong, yet soft and flexible. Discover our silk cords gallery.

Jewellery clasps and magnetic locks

Apart from supplying beads for leather, we also offer a wide collection of magnetic clasps for jewellery, which has been expanding rapidly in the past years. Here you can find magnetic locks in different size and shape that are suitable for all kinds of leather cords and other materials. Our magnetic clasps are used for bracelets and necklaces. Discover our jewellery clasps and magnetic claps in over 1000 different styles.

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