Silk is a totally natural material produced by certain insect larvae. Some types of it can be woven into textiles and used for many different products. There are clothes made with it, maybe also sewn with cotton. It is also used in jewellery to hang pendants in necklaces or bracelets.

Actually, silk is a very popular product all over Europe, especially in South regions, probably because of the big variety of colours present in the market. It is still a sought-after material even because boho-chic style is fashionable during these years.

Winter is ending and as we are getting into the designers’ spring-summer collections, the biggest range of colours is ready to be sold. These warm seasons always require warm colours that remind the environment around. Apart from colours, the softness and thinness of silk permit to use it in thousands different ways.

With gemstone pendants is very easy to create bracelets or necklaces thanks to the small loop where you can insert the cord. Moreover is possible to braid more cords and insert beads. 

Try and let us know how is going with this! :-)