Animal hides are the base to produce most of the leather products we are using. They are the raw material for the evergreen black leather jackets that we wear in spring and autumn, the basic part to produce strong shoes and fashionable bags. Leather is considered to be a luxury material when is applied to accessories like phone and tablet cases, jewelry designs and even sunglasses and their cases.

Goat and sheep hides can be crafted as you prefer to make any type of accessory thanks to their softness. On the other hand, cow leather is stronger and suitable for bags and shoes. While horse skin is the best for hair-on hides and flat leather cords.

The hides are normally tanned in different colors, from the plain styles to the metallic ones. Some leathers are braided, some others have patterns with pois, for example. They can be costumized as the designer prefers.

Shoe and bag makers are usually buying hides in big quantities to work on them with machines. But actually it is really easy to make a small bag by your-self! The leather can be folded and sewn along the edges and with a clip button applied with the punching press machine the closure is made.

Get inspired and create your own designs!