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Cork Flat-10mm-TURQUOISE

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Cork Flat-10mm-TURQUOISE
20,00 €

Price/meter(€) = 2.00 Size = 10mm*2.0mm Packaging per 10meters

Cork: description

The cork is a recent popular item in the world of jewelry and accessories. The old fashion bottle top, has gained new fans, not only champagne lovers but as well jewelry designers. Our high-quality cork is available in a variety of colors and two sizes which will surely delight you.

Its main characteristics are without any doubts its color fastness and high tear resistance and durability. You can easily combine it with our other leather cords or stainless steel clasps to create stylish masterpieces. This material is often used in casual jewelry collection because of the simplicity of the material itself and between environmentally friendly designers. We also customize colors according to the wishes of our customers.

It can be combined with the round braided leather or round leather cords from our assortment for creative jewelry making.

A new way of using the cork in our production are the cork sheets which are popular items among crafters.



3mm 5mm 10mm 20mm


2,5mm/3mm 4mm 6mm



Nappa leather- lamb leather
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