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About Us

Sun Enterprises is a leading Manufacturer and wholesaler of Leather Cords, Magnetic clasps and Jewellery making supplies for Europe and the USA.based in the Netherlands 

The company offers products with high premium quality and has a vast assortment of goods which includes all kinds of magnetic clasps, magnetic closures , leather cords and beads  etc. We carry over 60000 different articles in our warehouse and almost everything you need for creating Jewellery and Fashion Accessories.

We export to 55 countries and pride ourselves that Top-Designers from both Europe and USA use our leathers for their Accessoires due to the high quality and softness of the leather.

As a huge manufacturer we can produce goods tailored to your needs. If you need any customized items do not hesitate to contact us - We are happy to help you!

New Arrivals

New Introductions each month

Extrêmement satisfaite de la livraison rapide, du grand choix de couleurs et de la grande qualité des produits !
Gaby S From Cologne Germany
Je suis ravie des possibilités de customisation de logos et la large gamme de couleurs et de cuirs aux styles incroyables disponibles !.
Gabriele P from Paris France
Très satisfaite de la livraison rapide et du service très efficace. L'équipe est toujours prête à tout mettre en place pour comprendre les besoins des clients et les satisfaire.
Anna R from USA
Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir un partenaire comme Sun Enterprises pour nous fournir les matériaux nécessaires à nos créations !
Vincent from Belgium


[Leather Project] – Leather up your ideas!

Posted On November 30 , 2018

The uses of leather is not limited in fashion, perhaps its use is in way much larger scope of luxury sector.


Bolo leather cord for bolo tie and bolo leather jewelry

Posted On November 27 , 2018

What is bolo leather? And how bolo leather cords are used in leather jewelry making project?.


Clasps to up the look of your leather cord jewelry

Posted On November 26 , 2018

Variety of clasps to use.